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Community Partners annouces Decatur Book Festival

On Wednesday, Aug. 25, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Muhammad Yunus will be at Agnes Scott College to discuss his new book, Building Social Business. at 8:15 p.m. The event will be held in Agnes Scott’s Presser Hall. The AJC Decatur book festival, Agnes Scott College, and the Coca-Cola Company are co-hosting the event which is free and open to the public.

This is not a ticket event, and seats are expected to fill fast, so

attendees are encouraged to arrive early to secure a spot.
Read Below, for more information about Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

Dr. Muhammad Yunus received the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Microfinance.

“This is truly a landmark moment in the history of not only the
Festival, but also Decatur and Agnes Scott College,” said Daren Wang,
Executive Director of the AJC DBF. “We are extremely honored and humbled
to host Dr. Yunus.”

The Bangladeshi banker and economist-turned-author is most famously
known for developing the concepts of microfinance and microcredit,
whereby loans are given to entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for
traditional bank loans.

Dr. Yunus realized an institution was needed to lend to those who had
nothing, as traditional banks were not interested in making tiny loans
at reasonable interest rates to the poor due to high repayment risks. He
believed that given the chance the poor will repay the borrowed money
and hence microcredit could be a viable business model.

This led to the creation of Grameen Bank, which would make loans to poor
Bangladeshis, with a particular focus on women. According to Dr. Yunus’
Wikipedia page, more than 94 percent of Grameen loans have gone to
women, who suffer disproportionately from poverty around the world and
who are more likely than men to devote their earnings to their families.
Dr. Yunus and the bank were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in
2006 “for their efforts to create economic and social development from

Dr. Elizabeth Kiss, president of Agnes Scott, said, “Dr. Yunus has
helped to empower millions of poor people, especially women, around the
world. We are so excited that Agnes Scott students, and members of the
Decatur and Atlanta communities, will have a chance to meet this living

Dr. Yunus received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President
Obama in 2009. He is the author of Banker to the Poor and a founding
board member of Grameen America and Grameen Foundation.

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