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Fight or Flight

Nicole Bachiller

Newton News Editor


As adrenaline shot through my veins, I began to feel a sense of freedom. If I ran fast
enough, nothing could hurt me. My heart tried desperately to keep up with my velocity and my legs were starting to cramp. But I pushed them further past their limits. I do not know if it was a stick, a rock or just my own two feet, but I suddenly tripped and slammed to the dirt.

As I laythere, I tried to choke the pathetic sobs that were threatening to escape. “I give up,” I cried to no one in particular. I’d literally hit rock bottom.
Nobody’s life is perfect. There will come a point in everyone’s life when bad things seem
to follow them like a shadow. Unfortunately, when life gets really hard and it appears there is no relief, people will sometimes give up. Why bother trying if there is a chance it is just going to end badly? The thought of surrendering can be too intoxicating to resist but we need to remember,

Romans 5:3-4. “And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.” While many things do fail, hope does not. Hope is what gives us courage to face another day. It is that small voice inside your head that whispers, “Sure, it’s horrible right now. But just hang on tight. Everything will be okay. I promise.”

Nothing worth having ever comes easy. There will always be people rooting for you to
fail. There will always be obstacles to try to knock you out and even kick you while you are
down. Sadly, we cannot run away from difficulties. No matter how far or how fast we run, the hardships keep finding us. But it is the tribulations in life that makes us stronger and wiser.

A good story is not one that is filled with nothing but rainbows and smiles. It involves the
protagonist facing many trials and losses, and then learning to overcome them to get to the happy ending.

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