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Students tell about their experience with financial aid. What was your experience like?

How was your financial aid experience?

Several students from the Newton campus shared their thoughts on their experience with financial aid. How was your experience? Sound off below!
Dana Merrit; Nursing major: "I like it. I got a $1000 because of it!"
Shariff Mitchell; Computer Science major; "Don't spend all your money quick!"
Sarah Gardner, Music major: "Get good grades and you'll get financial aids."
Arthur Campbell; Biology major: "It's not working right now. They need to fix it."
Kathryn Knight; English major: "I've never had any trouble with the financial aid office at GPC. They're always super nice and very helpful. The scholarships that GPC offers are so specific that I've only qualified for one the whole time I've been a student. There aren't a lot of merit-based scholarships, and I'd like to see more of those."
Caleb Spruell; Engineering major: "Get started early and make sure it's correct."
Jessica Page; General Studies major; "Financial Aid will be more helpful if we had more money for books."
Casey Wilkerson; Pre-Med major; "Financial Aid makes it easier for the Non-Traditional student like myself to be able to return to school and better themselves and the future of their family. I believe that Financial Aid takes away some of the excuses for going back to school and enables a fresh start on life."
Nicole Bachiller, Newton News Editor
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