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Dragon*Con 2010: The parade, part 1!

As part of Dragon*Con tradition, the convention held its annual parade through Downtown Atlanta on Sep. 4.

The parade trekked, dragged, crawled, galloped and (mock) fought their way down Peachtree Street before thousands of spectators. Children and adults oohed and ahhed at the sights and cheered on their favorite characters.

Marvel and DC superheroes enjoying a lttle time off from their day..er night job
Steampunk costumes were all the rage this year
It's normal, Wolverine always rides with his claws out

Many parade participants interacted with the crowd–at one point, a Jedi warrior match erupted along the sidelines (pictured).

The epic battle between Man and Child

Dragon*Con also made the attempt to break a number of world records this year. Last year, the convention took the Guiness Book of Records for the largest number of people dancing to “Thriller”; this year, the ‘Con won(still pending confirmation at this time) the largest gathering of Star Trek costumes.

D*C went beyond the previous record of 543 with 571 ST costumes

Attempts for the largest crowd of superheroes and steampunk costumes were also made. The previous record for superheroes is 1246.

Superheroes of all kinds gathered in a battle ...to break a world record!
Marching in synchronicity
Yes, I'll be haunting your dreams.

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