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Loving your growing library

For the past 10 months, many students have voiced their opinions that there is no where quiet to study on the Decatur Campus. The new NO TALKING/ NO EATING location outside the library is attempting to change that.
Roughly four weeks into the semester, and only three weeks away from mid-terms, “crunch time” is near. For most students, around these upcoming dates, the library becomes a treasured friend. According to a few Georgia Perimeter College scholars, a recent face lift in the common area outside of Decatur’s library is right on time, despite a couple minute concerns.

Francis Burkhalter, a GPC student, explained her feelings about the space: “I like the outside space, I just feel it gets a little too noisy, sometimes too many people, but as far as convenience, it is very convenient.”

Just beside her sat a study group. Ubaidullah Mohammad openly gave his input on the seating: “These sofas are great, they should have a lot of these. Great for gathering.”

Mary Hickman-Brown, Dean of Student Services on the Decatur Campus, said that more is to come for students awaiting more space to drop their heads in the books. Brown explained that Decatur is developing “a new area, placed on student demand, addressing individual students. We hope that we’ve helped their needs.”

With the help of Julius E. Whitaker, Executive Assistant to President Tricoli, along with Plant Administration and Operations, furniture placement, new paint, carpet, and computer connections have been stretched outside of the double door entrance to Decatur’s library to better suit students and their study comfort.

Please Note: In response to the issue of noise concern, students who may use the outside study area just beyond the library door entrance (SA Building –second floor) should take note of the posted signs which express a low-noise study area and no eating.

By Kimberly Minor, Staff Writer

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