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Piranha 3-D: movie review

“There’s Something in the Water!” or at least that’s the tag line to the new film: Piranha 3D.

It tells the story of a small lake town in the midst of its big spring break rush. The town is hit hard by an unexpected disaster that unleash a massive quantity of flesh-eating piranha on the unsuspecting townspeople and Spring Break attendees.

Piranha 3D begins with a story line but somewhere during its course loses sight of this. The film only cares about showing nudity and girl-on-girl action. While there are some amusing parts especially those involving Jerry O’Connell, overall the film just did not wow me.

 As for the addition of 3D, while it does appeal to the younger demographic and is a useful marketing tool to draw attention to the film, I do not feel that in this particular case it adds anything significant to the film itself.

This Sci-Fi Thriller stars Elizabeth Shue, known for her 1987 role in “Adventures in Babysitting”, Christopher Lloyd, known for his role as “Doc” in the popular late 1980s-early 1990s, “Back to the Future” series, and Jerry O’Connell, who has been featured in several films and television programs over the years.

Grade: C

By Martina Shaw, Contributing Writer

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