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Summer’s best and worst

This was the summer of sequels, threequels, reboots and 80s nostalgia. Here’s a list of the best and worst of the blockbuster season and their Rotten Tomatoes score:

Inception—this one’s a no-brainer (pun seriously intended). The summer’s only original film; its twisty plot and brilliant direction from The Dark Knight’s Christopher Nolan kept the viewer engrossed throughout its long running time. And not to mention the ending, which ingeniously kept moviegoers talking long after leaving the movie theater. RT score: 87%Toy Story 3—to dismiss it as a children’s cartoon is to be in denial of your own childhood. The Pixar masterpiece reminds adults the moment they grew up and if you’re not the least bit emotional after the movie, you’re not human. RT score: 99%Scott Pilgrim vs. the World—nobody gave this movie a chance when it was released, but the wholly original film (despite it was an adaptation) merged video games, comic books, kung fu movies, musicals and romantic comedies to create a true cult classic. RT score: 81%The Other Guys—the movie was at its best when it’s self-aware. A parody of the buddy cop genre, the cast keeps the laughs coming in a stale summer season. RT score: 76%Piranha 3-D: This actually not terrible when you’re not expecting Shakespeare. It’s like watching the cast of Jersey Shore get slaughtered. I was sold. RT score: 76%

The Worst

Dinner for Schmucks—Immoral and unappealing characters do not always mean entertainment. Steve Carrell gets your sympathy, but that’s because he needs psychiatric help. Want cringe comedy? Watch Cyrus instead. RT score: 47%The Twilight Saga: Eclipse—Vampires don’t sparkle and they have fangs. If you love soap operas, then this is for you. RT score: 51%Predators—this movie’s fine if you’ve never seen the Schwartzenegger original. If you have, this is almost exactly the same thing. RT score: 63%

Disagree? Let us know what your favorites are below!

By Sabastian Wee, Newton Managing Editor

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