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Discussing campus gun laws

Guest speakers John Siler and Nicholas Marinelli Jr. visited Georgia Perimeter College’s Newton Campus for Constitution Day on Sep. 15, to discuss some changes to the Constitution and laws regarding gun ownership on college grounds.

“The state of Georgia is considered to be one of the easiest places to buy a gun,” Marinelli said.

If an individual is over the age of twenty-one, mentally stable, and has no record of domestic violence and imprisonment, he or she may purchase a firearm. However, there are restrictions on weapons on campus.

Weapons are not allowed on GPC campuses. Individuals with a permit are allowed to keep their guns inside their car, but under no circumstances can the weapon leave the vehicle. If the person does not have a permit, he or she cannot leave the car or will be charged with a felony offense.

“You can have a gun in your car in the parking lot, but don’t ever bring it out,” warned Siler.

Safety is a main concern on college campuses and many students feel that a gun is a means to defend oneself. But what is the point of having a gun if the person does not know how to properly use it?

“The changes came from the concept ‘if the bad guys have guns, we should have guns to protect ourselves,’” Marinelli stated. “But I urge you to know your gun…learn from it like you learn from your textbook. There are soldiers who get killed by their own guns because they don’t know how to use them.”

Guns may provide some sort of protection, but there are other measures students can take in order to be secure at Georgia Perimeter. Students can go to public safety and ask to be escorted to their cars if they do not feel safe. One of the most crucial numbers a GPC student can have is the General Dispatch.

If a student feels threatened in any way, he or she should call 678-891-3940 and a GPC officer will arrive to help.

By Nicole Bachiller, News Editor

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