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LTC “Making Connections”

The staff of the Decatur Learning and Tutoring Center has created an innovative blog that provides vital information regarding students. “Making Connections” is the online bulletin board that lists an abundance of activities, workshops, and events for students to participate in. The main objective of the blog is to bring awareness to students of all the beneficial seminars that take place in the “Decatur Leaning and Tutoring Center” and the college. The seminars educate students on various subjects like English, Science, and Math. In addition, the blog also posts announcements about writing contests, book festivals, and social events across Atlanta.
Furthermore, the blog has plenty of other resources for students to pull information from. For example, the blog has links to learning portals, news references, and libraries. By clicking on libraries, students have a rapid shortcut to borrowing books and DVDs from online. The blog also lists study group schedules. Recently, the blog has posted discussions about the “Creative License Writing Competition” and celebrating “Banned Books Week”. The interactive blog exhibits much knowledge and many beneficial connections to encourage students to get involved. Lastly, the Decatur LTC staff invites students to post comments about events and festivities posted on the blog to keep the blog active. Students can visit the blog by going to http://makingconnex.blogspot.com/ .

By Antonio Garay, Decatur News Editor

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