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Dunwoody announces new honors coordinator

Dr. Jason Dew, new Dunwoody Honors Coordinator, photo by: Hollywood DeLoach

The honors program will have a new Coordinator at the Dunwoody Campus in the spring. Mr. Bill Price, the current Honors Program Coordinator, is stepping down to pursue other job opportunities.

Dr. Jason Dew, Associate Professor of English, was voted in by his colleagues to take over. He plans for the honors program to be more involved with the faculty and he also wants to promote the program so more students can become inspired to work towards becoming honors students, helping the program to grow more. Dr. Dew is also involved with advisement and counseling, the American literature committee, and the honors counsel.

Aside from being a part of Georgia Perimeter College, Dr. Dew has written two books and is in the process of writing a third. Be sure to look for “Tecker”, set to hit shelves on Sept.1, 2011. “Tecker” is about an adult man getting bullied and how he overcomes the situation. Dr. Dew has a passion for writing and he enjoys bringing a good story to the masses.

Congratulations, Dr. Jason Dew! Welcome to the Honors Program.

By: Hollywood DeLoach, Dunwoody Contributing Writer

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