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Evening students pay fees, but get no returns

If you attend classes during the morning and/or afternoon, you will see that there are great advantages to being on campus during that time. You have the opportunity to talk with university representatives from four-year schools that visit the campus and learn about programs they offer. You might even attend a fun filled afternoon of field day or additional campus activities. But, what if you are an evening student? Do any of those added perks apply to you if your classes begin at 5:30 p.m. each day? More than likely, they do not.

Each year, every student that attends GPC incurs tuition and fees that range from technology to institutional fees. One additional fee that must be paid is the student activity fee. This is where money goes to bring speakers and activities to the campus. And if you are an evening student, you are pretty much out of luck in reaping those benefits.

“I have had professors offer extra credit to students who attend presentations during the day,” explains Naomi Chaney, a daycare center owner and business administration major. “Because I can only attend in the evenings, I miss out,” she goes on to say.

Like Naomi, Lisa Thomas, a psychology major, thinks it is unfortunate that evening students have to pay the same amount but don’t get the same rewards. “Some people don’t care to participate, but still get charged,” she says.

While there is no certain way to charge early and evening students different activity fees, some suggestions were offered. Naomi explains that better planning could be taken into consideration. She mentions that having the same lecturer speak twice, once in the afternoon and once in the evening, could be a plus. She explains that she and others have been disappointed to have missed information sessions that would have benefitted them.

Activities on campus helps keep students motivated and also provides a sense of school pride. Many are offered free food for attending events if they are stuck on campus in between classes or just want to hang out. Others receive additional information from speakers not taught in the classroom. However, many still want to know, “What’s really in it for the evening student?”

By Malissia Victor, Newton Campus Life Editor

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