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Japanese gardening lecture at Dunwoody

Japanese Gardener, Masahi Oshita, of Asheville NC, gave a lecture covering the construction and application of Japanese Gardening at the Dunwoody campus.

           Held in the C Auditorium on November 4th, the lecture was sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan and the Japan- American Society of Georgia. Oshita gave a PowerPoint presentation on popular Japanese gardens and different types of designs of Japanese gardens during the first half of the lecture. During the second half, Oshita demonstrated first-hand, how to construct Japanese Rock Gardens.

Dunwoody student and Computer Science major, Alvina Atmadja, viewed the lecture and said, “I’m interested in Japanese culture and how Japanese culture focuses on less variation of color in their gardens and more on keeping a calm and relaxing atmosphere.”

Masahi Oshita also expressed the importance of finding the appropriate rocks for constructing a Japanese Rock Garden and showed the difference between American and Japanese garden design.

By: Randy Schafer, Dunwoody Campus Life Editor

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