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Salsa dancing lessons at Dunwoody

Dunwoody Spanish Professor, Carolina Ghanem, instructed Dunwoody campus students in Salsa lessons, Thursday, November 4th, in an open dance class. The class took place in room B1601 and was attended by eight students.
           Professor Ghanem was joined by her husband, Petja Cameron, who helped show the students the basics of Salsa dancing and also showed them how to dance in pairs. Professor Ghanem said, “The Salsa lessons are open to all Dunwoody students who wish to learn how to dance.” This dance instruction was the second of three planned lessons.  The third lesson will take place November 11th, in room B1601.
           Professor Ghanem also urged students to join the Spanish Club for Dunwoody campus. Students interested in the Dunwoody Spanish Club can join via Facebook, at Spanish Club at GPC Dunwoody. All events are posted on Facebook.  There will be paella tastings for all Spanish Club members November 18th on the Dunwoody campus.

By: Randy Schafer, Dunwoody Campus Life Editor

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