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SGA shut-out continues: ‘tradition’ expands, restrictions tighten

The Decatur SGA carried out the tradition held by the organization during their weekly scheduled meeting on Nov. 13. The organization’s practice of keeping students out have escalated, with prohibition expanding beyond deliberations and voting.

Guests attending the meeting were asked to leave early because SGA had to discuss the GPC’s 2010 Homecoming. The guests attending the meeting: a representative of USA Today, another male student and this reporter.

The USA Today representative, who declined to disclose her name, was present that day to endorse “The Collegiate Readership Program.” The program is designed to promote civic engagement, media literacy, and global awareness on campus by exposing student to the news in their living, learning, and community spaces.

According to the representative, the program allows the college to sell the USA Today paper for 40 cents to GPC students. This reporter and another student was kept out of the meeting for the duration of the meeting, including the USA Today representative’s presentation to the SGA officials.

By Antonio Garay, Decatur News Editor

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