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The Minority by Latonya Pennington

We are tiny numbers

Eclipsed by giants

Who rule society

With booming voices


Our existence is barely acknowledged

As time passes

We fade away

To ghostly whispers


Occasionally one of us is lively

Bursting with rare power

Unable to be contained

Shining and spreading like wildfire


Good and evil intentions

That create and destroy

Tragedies and triumphs

Eternally changing lives


Some close their eyes

Deafen their ears

Numb their hearts

Narrow their minds


Ignorance is bliss to them

They sleep and dream

Undisturbed in their cocoons

Until their world is rocked


Thunder rumbles

Then booms

Lightning strikes

A new fire burns


Its light is a sign

That we still exist

That we will exist

No matter what


As our dawn approaches

Start anew

Awaken your beings

Open yourselves to all possibilities

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