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Baseball Player – Scott Sarratt

Written by Victoria Healy

Scott Sarratt ; Sophomore

Major : Chemistry

Position : Catcher

Scott Sarratt is the “quarter back on the field” according to coach Stewart Bailey. He is a chemistry  major and plays catcher for GPC’s baseball team. He has been playing baseball since he was four years old, but only started catching as a freshman in high school.

“My job is to control the pitching staff” Sarratt says,  “and to communicate with the coach Blue.”

A full scholarship as well as the one of a kind facility that GPC offers the team is what directed Sarratt to play for GPC. When asked if he wanted to go pro he simply replied “I’m staying realistic about it, but I wouldn’t turn it down.” He hopes to maybe attend Georgia Tech, but is keeping his options open because of baseball.

His goals this season is “to hit with more power and to get more hits at the bottom of the line up.” Comparing last season to the approaching season Sarratt says  “ We have to play good defense, if they can’t score, they can’t beat us. We have to take every game seriously.”

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