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Don’t ASK Don’t TELL in Sports

Kyndell Mizell

Homosexuality in professional sports is uncommon. There are so many men and women that partake in team wide showers, intense stretching, and long days and nights of practice.  How many undercover homosexuals do you think hide the fact that they are gay? Do you think athletes hide the fact that they are homosexual from the team or fans or even endorsers?

Homosexuals in sports probably keep their sexuality a secret because of fear of ridicule from teammates that the truth may provide. Fans could boo or chant negative and derogatory phrases. Endorsements could even be revoked.

Homosexuals are forced to hide their sexuality for the safety of their image and safety of their life. If homosexuals in professional sports would step up and speak about their sexuality while playing the sport, more homosexuals would feel comfortable enough to play sports and realize that they have the potential to make it to the professional level. Former  MLB players Glenn Burke, Billy Bean, and former NFL players Dave Kopay, and Roy Simmons came out of the “closet” after they retired from the sport.

Athletes live by the don’t ask don’t tell policy as if they were in the military. Athletes just want to live comfortably and freely but most of all worry free.

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