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It’s closer than you think

Victoria Healy

The Atlanta Eagle Club has won a million-dollar settlement  against the City of Atlanta regarding  a 2009 raid by the Atlanta Police Department.

The Atlanta City Council approved a $1,025,000 settlement against the City of Atlanta, along with 35 APD officers on Dec. 8. The citizens review board openly sustained that Atlanta police officers used profanity and anti-gay slurs in an “illegal search and seizure.” The settlement also included additional orders for police procedural reform.

The raid on the Eagle occurred in Sep. 10-11, 2009, when the Atlanta Police Department forced bar patrons to the ground and made them empty their pockets. Eight employees were arrested and charged with providing adult entertainment without a permit; six of the eight remained behind bars until late afternoon on Sep. 11. Drugs were never found, and those arrested did not face narcotics charges.

Along with the agreed settlement, the court issued the following orders*:

  • Requires revocation or amendment of specific unconstitutional policies;
  • Requires uniformed Atlanta police officers to wear clearly visible nametags and to identify themselves upon request;
  • Prohibits Atlanta police officers from interfering with the public’s right to take photographs and make video and audio recordings of police activity;
  • Requires Atlanta police officers to document certain warrantless ID checks, detentions, frisks, and searches;
  • Requires the City of Atlanta to conduct mandatory in-person training of all police officers every two years regarding Fourth Amendment issues and the safe use of firearms;
  • Requires the Atlanta Police Department to rule on citizen complaints of police misconduct within 180 days;
  • Requires the Atlanta Police Department to conduct a thorough and meaningful investigation of specific types of misconduct, failure to obey the law, and untruthfulness by officers involved in the “Eagle Raid.”

*as noted in www.atlantaeagleraid.com

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