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Art Show | Two Worlds

By Ida Harris – Campus Life Editor

Professor Jolanta Paterek’s “Two Worlds” gallery is displayed in the Newton Campus library. (Photo by Kaitlynn Mockett)

An installment of Two Worlds went up in the Newton Learning Resource Center in building B on the third floor on Jan. 10. The art show is ongoing through Feb. 16, ending with a closing reception which is free and open to the public.
While B Building is not host to the majority of Newton’s student traffic, it is most conducive to the likes an art show, as students use the Learning Resource Center in heavy rotation. However, even with the enormous paintings hanging above students’ heads as they make use of the area, the artwork was mostly unnoticed.
“I hadn’t been aware until I was asked,” said Nursing major Amanda Cantrell.
Two Worlds is the work of artist Jolanta Paterek, who doubles as a professor of Fine Arts for GPC. She also serves as the advisor for Newton campus’ Art Club.
The exhibit showcases eight paintings by Paterek, all oil on canvas, including titles like Cage, Purgatory, Voice and Voiceless. Viewing Cage compares to witnessing a swirl of human-like figures with sexual tension yearning to be un-caged; while Purgatory channels the idea of an unseen force hovering over uncertainty; Voice and Voiceless lends an extended dose of sexual innuendo as the image of a female straddling a male exudes from the painting.
Paterek has been engrossed in art for most of her life, recalling memories of traveling to numerous art exhibits with her mother. It has taken two years for Two Worlds’ completion as Professor Paterek struggled for its perfection,
changing colors and lines, and watching life closely so that the work would reflect the theme.
According to Paterek, the inspiration behind the show pieces were people, the real world, environment and information. “I am a fisherman fishing for souls to get them from a polluted box and into a free flowing river,” she said.

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