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Club profile: Active Minds

By Melissa Wong – Managing Editor

(From left to right) Cheryl Sessoms, faculty adviser of Active Minds, and members Heather Wells, Katie Peterman, Katherine Penuela, and Javon Williams, the Alpharetta and Dunwoody personal counselor. (Photo by Mike Eden)

Active Minds is a national organization developed by Alison Malmon in 2001. The inspiration to her dream was the hurtful loss of her brother in his college years due to depression and psychosis. “Active Minds aims to erase the stigma of mental health disorders and to educate, enlighten, and empower college students to be aware of their own and others’ mental health,” explained Heather Wells, Vice President of the Dunwoody GPC chapter of the club.

With a presence on 306 campuses across the United States and Canada, Active Minds has gained national recognition in helping students and faculty alike to understand that mental health concerns should not be kept in the dark or taken lightly. The club seeks to “empower and enlighten members to be aware and listen to their fellow students and direct them to the  appropriate source for help should a mental health issue arise,” said Cheryl Sessoms, the Dunwoody chapter’s faculty advisor.
Active Minds will be promoting Eating Disorders Awareness Week Feb. 21-25 by showing the movie “disfigured”, offering healthy refreshments, and having
a panel discussion for students to ask questions. The club will also be celebrating National Day Without Stigma Apr. 18-22 by holding fun outdoor events for students to de-stress and wind down before the end of the semester.
Active Minds currently has around ten members on the Dunwoody campus, however they are actively recruiting. Students who are interested in joining
can attend campus meetings every other Thursday at 4 PM in the B building, room 2100.

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