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Clubs rush campus

By Ricky Riley – Managing Editor

During Clarkston’s annual Club Rush, students can learn about and join many of the cultural, social, and recreational clubs the campus has to offer. After the first week of school, Welcome Week provides students opportunities to release stress from financial aid, class registration and orientation.
Clarkston Office of Student Life organized the clubs featured at this year’s Club Rush. The Japan Society, Hispanic Connections, The Center for International Education, Students of Caribbean Ancestry, Science Club, Film Club, Earth Club, the Leadership Academy, IMPACT, the History and Politics club and the International Peer Assistant Program were all present and recruiting  interested people.
“I think that it is diverse,” said student Julene McGaw, a French major. “The representatives are outreaching and I like that there is an Earth Club.” Vice President Alexandra Schindler of Hispanic Connections invites students from all backgrounds to participate in Afro Latino, an upcoming event that will focuses on Latinos that are of African descent. Other cultural clubs like the Japan Society will host a Valentine’s Day event and Japanese equivalent, White Day on March 14th. February will also be an important month for the Film Club. On the 27th, the club will host the 2011 Student Film Festival.
The festival will feature short films from aspiring film makers. The International Peer Assistant Program and IMPACT club are social clubs that bring people together to inform and to build community. Floretta Sebastian-Obasuyi is club president of the International Peer Assistant Club.
“The job of the International Peer Assistant Program is to keep international students grounded,” according to Sebastian- Obasuyi. The program offers F-1 students employment workshops that inform international students about on campus employment as well as tax help. The club schedules “Coffee Hours” that encourage people to come and learn about a particular country. The club has food from that country and discusses events and the culture of that country.
IMPACT is a Christian club that provides opportunities for young people. The club tries to be a positive influence on the world by volunteering and feeding the homeless. Club advisor Gladys N. Hillman plans on having two separate
luncheons one for men and one for women. These luncheons will have motivational speakers that encourage young people to influence the world in a good way.
The only non-club at the event was the Center for International Education. The center focuses on getting Clarkston students to study aboard. Adrian Langston oversees the center and she is also advisor of the Japan Society.
Langston encourages students to study two to four weeks in Greece “to enrich their understanding about other cultures”. In the past, students have been to England, Costa Rica, Peru and other countries in Europe and South America.
The clubs present at Club Rush are only a small fraction of the other thirty six clubs on Clarkston Campus. For more information on clubs and their advisors, visit http://www.gpc.edu/~gpcslife/clarkstoncampusclubs.html and stop by the Office of Student Life or contact the advisor for upcoming
club meetings and events

Film Club
International Peer Assistant Program
The Center for International Education
Japanese Society
Hispanic Connections
Film Festival Feb. 23
Coffee Hours Mar. 23
F-1 Student Workshop
Feb. 22
Study and Volunteer in Greece May 19- June 15, 2011
Fundraiser Feb, 14 and Mar. 14
Afro Latino in Mid Feb. or Mar.

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