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Decatur Campus Cafe ditches the grill

By: Phebe Dowels, College Beet Executive Producer

     Upon returning for the Spring2011 semester, Decatur Campus students found a spontaneous surprise.  The Campus Cafe, the only destination on campus that offered cooked food, ditched the grill.  The cafe now only has a deep fryer to prepare fries and chicken tenders.  The grill was not the only thing removed.  The fresh vegetables that were once used to prepare salads, wraps, and subs were replaced with pre- prepared wraps and croissant sandwiches. 

     The reason why the grill was ditched is unidentified.  There have been speculations from students that the grill being ditched was the café’s response to students’ complaints about long lines and lengthy waits.  On Feb. 7, Collegian Daily Beet News will report live from Decatur Campus Café to seek more answers regarding this story.

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