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Japanese Society

By Louisa Owuor – Campus Life Editor

Students have the opportunity to learn everything exciting the Japanese Society has to offer. The club explores the language, media, fashion and holidays of Japanese culture that explore a different way of living.
“You’ll get to learn a lot of Japanese, enjoy some Korean and Japanese music and also anime,” said Japanese Society Secretary Tsion Wright. These activities create some a connection between the people who “come to our meetings ” Wright adds.

This semester, the society has two main events planned. During the whole week of Feb. 14 – 18, the club will have a Japanese-style Valentine’s Day. In Japan, the females offer chocolate sweets as a symbol of love and care. The club will be selling assorted candy including chocolates for girls to give their guys. The club will celebrate White Day on March 14, a Japanese holiday which men give marshmallows to women in addition to the rest of the gifts. Gifts given on this day are pricier than the sweet treats traditionally offered on Valentine’s. The return gift is always preferred to be twice or thrice the price of the gift presented to the man before. According to Advisor Adrienne Langston, the day was introduced by a marshmallow company. Thus, the name of the holiday lends itself to this fluffy, white treat.
During Clarkston’s International Festival held April 1, Wright guarantees they will have a table featuring lots of games and other interactive activities to engage students. At the previous festival, the club created card board samurai armor and origami art. Students interested in the Japan Society can attend meetings every Tuesday from 1:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m. in CN 2110. One can also visit Langston in A building room 1300 for more information.

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