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Juntos – Alpharetta’s first club

By Joji Castillo – Managing Editor

In Spanish, ‘Juntos’ means ‘together’. At Alpharetta, it means the first club on campus. Spanish Club founders Daniel Herrera and Elena Hernandez have very high hopes for their new club. “We decided to start Juntos so the student body can have a better understanding of fellow Latino peers,” said Hernandez.
“We want to help the community and be heard,” added Herrera. With only five people currently in the club, they have a goal to get thirty people.
As for events planned for this semester, Herrera states, “We have a bowling night, a day to promote higher education, Latin salsa night at Turner Field, a movie night, and a huge international party with plenty of food.” Feeling good about being the first club at Alpharetta, Hernandez hopes other clubs will get started. “I think it’s a good idea to start a club so students can share a common idea and build friendships,” said Hernandez.
When asked what advice they would give to future club founders Herrera said, “be patient and be prepared for whatever happens… it is definitely something that is life-changing.”

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