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The Katyn Massacre

By Ricky Riley -Managing Editor

Courtesy of easycinema.com

 The Katyn Forest Massacre occurred in April 1940. 22,000 polish people were murdered by the soviet secret police. For 50 years the Soviet government kept this event hidden from the world.

“Katyn is not only part of World War II history, it is part of the regional history of Central Europe, and it is one more chapter in the history of human genocide” says GPC history professor, Marc Zayac.

This year marks the 70th Anniversary Observance of the little known event. The polish Club of Atlanta and GPC’s History and Politics club brought the Katyn Exhibit from Stanford University to the Clarkston campus.

In 2007, Katyn the Oscar nominated feature film by the Polish Director Andrzej Wajda dramatizes the event. It is also the first film to tell the tragedy.

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