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SGA open for business, still no policy

By Sabastian Wee and Adam Waldorf – Collegian Staff

SGA may have recently opened their meetings to students during  deliberation and voting, but the question of whether there will be a written policy is still undetermined.
The organization formerly held an unwritten tradition of prohibiting students from observing during its deliberation and voting process. As previously reported in The Collegian, the practice was a violation of the Georgia Open Meetings Act. In consultation with the Board of Regents, Vice President
of Student Affairs Dr. Vincent June and Dean of Student Services Deborah Homer announced that the meetings will be open as of December 2010. “It’s decided, meetings will be open,” said Homer, stressing that this decision
came out of a desire on GPC’s part to be transparent.
However, Homer did not confirm that the policy will be written, insisting that SGA will fully comply with the law. Since the decision, SGA has kept their meetings completely open. “I haven’t seen anything and Dr. June hasn’t indicated to me that he’s going to write something down,” said Homer. “He just basically has made the decision and we will do this.”
Dr. June has since referred all inquiries on SGA matters to Student Life Directors, while restating that all meetings will henceforth remain open during deliberation and voting.
SGA’s Constitution Committee, currently in the process of updating the organization’s constitution, are still considering to officially adopt GOMA. According to Student Life Director Johnny Tooson, who also advises the committee, the working draft of the constitution does include a statement of adherence to all state and federal laws.
The Committee will be submitting a draft by mid-March to the administration for legal review. Once approved, the committee will finalize the draft and send it to each campus SGA. If the organization passes the document, they will hold a student body vote for final ratification.
“If the students don’t vote for it, then we’ll have to start all over,” said Tooson. Tooson hopes to see the ratification occur by the end of the  semester, so the constitution will go into effect in the fall. In the mean time, SGA will continue to abide by its existing constitution.

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