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GPC Jazz Ensemble draws crowd

By Randy Schafer – Dunwoody Campus News Editor

From left to right, Saunders Jones playing tenor saxophone and Don Kasten, playing baritone sax during the Feb. 21 Dunwoody Campus performance. (Photo by Randy Schafer; Musical notes designed by Mike Eden)

The seats in the Student Center were packed as the audience tapped their feet and hands and bobbed their heads to the Jazz Ensemble performing on the Dunwoody campus.
The GPC Jazz Ensemble, performed Feb. 21, in the B-Building Student Center for over 150 students, faculty, and families of the performers.
The 19-piece ensemble, in addition to director Greg McLean, performed upbeat songs, such as “Mission Impossible”, “Pick Up the Pieces”, and “Spin Cycle”.
“I enjoyed the dynamics of the performance and you could almost see the sounds, especially during ‘Spin Cycle’,” said Dunwoody student Abdur Rahman Abdullah.
Dunwoody student Joe Sanchez was the only GPC student on the ensemble. Playing the trumpet, Sanchez has been performing with them for two years. “I love playing with so many skilled musicians, and they’re all so good,” he said.
Multiple students that attended completed requirements for Jazz Appreciation and Music Appreciation classes, by attending the concert and writing reviews.
“The solos were great and the music was very well played, ” praised student Megan Buchter.
The Jazz Ensemble’s upcoming performances will take place Monday, May 2, 2011 and Monday, July 11, 2011 at 8 p.m., at the Clarkston Cole Auditorium.
For more information on the GPC Jazz Ensemble, visit their website at: http://facstaff.gpc.edu/~gmclean/gpcjazzhome.htm, or contact director Greg Mclean at greg.mclean@gpc.edu.

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