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March Music Madness

By Eruth Spencer – Contributor

It is Tuesday Feb. 22 and at 8 p.m. the GPC Jazz Ensemble has arrived to kick off the beginning of March Madness but for GPC it is more like March Music Madness.
There is a deep bellowing tremble, a sharp turning note, a voiceless drum that demands attention from a room filled with people of all ages and all races.
The mature people hold an expression of reverie on their faces as their bodies sway back and forth to the rollercoaster ride of Jazz’s instrumental melodies.
A few small children who tagged along with their parents spin in circles as the bumping beat of jazz permeates through each decibel of sound. The crowd delivers a standing ovation after each intermission and the band instructor makes a point to introduce each musician as they begin their solo.
Brian Freeman a student who attended the event and also minors in Music at the Dunwoody campus says that he plays drums and is currently producing, writing songs, and is interested in the music business.
Freeman also says about his teacher Mrs. Amy Black who teaches Music Appreciation 1301 that, “Mrs. Black is an extraordinary teacher and I love, love, love her class and she keeps me engaged and I am happy to attend GPC because they always cater to different styles of music, it’s very intriguing.”
The GPC Jazz Ensemble was free to the public and the Department of Fine Arts offers an array of upcoming events. If you appreciate, love listening, or would like to get involved in GPC’s Music programs and events please make sure to check out the Department of Fine Arts GPC e-mail to view upcoming events.

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