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Women’s basketball ready for nationals

Courtesy of GPC website

“We’re expecting to maintain at the “National Championship” level,” said Jaguars women’s coach James Waldon. They have just recently won the conference championship and the region 17 championship and are due to play a game that will qualify them for the national tournament.

“Oh boy! Believe it or not, this year we’ve got 10 to 12 star players,” said Waldon, in regards to their 27-5 season.

This Jacksonville Florida graduate is no rookie when it comes to coaching. He has served 13 years leading the girl’s basketball team to seven championships in GPC history. He also served two years as head coach in the USBL pro league. It is the feeder league to the NBA.

Coach James Waldon has started from Jacksonville as a freshman, to Lake City community college, then back to Jacksonville where he graduated. From then his coaching career began. We can expect the team to go all the way this year with Mr. James Waldon and with such a great roster the lady Jaguars have this year

By: Kari Sanders, contributing writer

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