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Women’s Month On Clarkston Campus

Amy Pedersen visits small crowd.

By Kavin Caruso- Contributing Writer

   Amy Pedersen was a guest speaker at the Auditorium on March 21, 2011. March is National Women’s Month, so Amy Pedersen spoke about what women can accomplish. She talked about ways of being a leader in the business world. Amy Pedersen is co-founder/owner of Amy Pedersen International. She’s a marketer for several large corporations including Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, CBS TV, Lifetime, American Idol, Orkin, and Dodge.

    Amy Pedersen was a shy girl growing up here in Atlanta. When she was in high school, she tried out at cheerleading but didn’t make the cut. She likes basketball; she did play basketball in high school. She went to University of Georgia and got a degree in marketing. Amy Pedersen wrote two books, “Miracle of Me” and “How to Lead, Succeed, and be brand you.” Amy Pedersen’s favorite movies are Wizard of Oz, Jaws, City Slickers, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Forrest Gump, and City Slickers. She did mention that watching Forrest Gump made her realized that even normal people have their own disabilities that need to overcome it.

    There are 5 styles of Leadership, directive, consultative, participative, negotiative and delegative. In the work world, many employers want people that can take charge of things. Amy stated that if you want to compete in the working field you must be able to accomplish those things. By being directive, you can tell your co workers or your boss what you think is best for you and for the company. Being consultative you give advice and get feedback from your boss and coworkers. Participative, you are involved in a group project. When your supervisor asks you to do a project with your coworkers, you are participating and getting things done. The 4th style of Leadership is negotiative. In this leadership role, you negotiate with your boss on salary and determine the workload that you can handle. The 5th Leadership is delegative. You tell your workers that you can do the work and strive to make the project better.

    Amy Pedersen wanted to accomplish many goals. She stated that people that want to set their goals, they should keep trying and not give up.
Amy made an interesting propaganda. SMART vs. SMAT, SMART stands for: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. Now with that in mind, she mentioned to the group that being realistic you need to set your goals at a reasonable standard. Some people who go to school and works part time, they need to be realistic on what they want to accomplish. By being time bound, you should have enough time to get your work or studies done and be able to enjoy free time. Lots of people have so much too do that they never have time for themselves. That’s another thing that Amy mentioned. Specific is working on a project and knowing what you are going to accomplish. Amy said that when her employees work on a project that they need to be specific on how it’s going to work. Tell your coworkers and boss that you want the project to go a certain way.

    Amy Pedersen was a great speaker, she talked about what each person can do and knowing that you can do it yourself. She thought she could play basketball because she was tall, but she couldn’t. Amy tried other things and it worked out for her. Amy Pedersen has a website, www.amypedersen.com.  Her email address if you want to reach her is amy@amypedersen.com. She lives in the Atlanta area and she likes to give inspirational speeches to young people all the time.

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