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“Je t’aime encore”

By Asegid Argaw

I stand alone, on the brinks of ruins
Gazing through my transparent heart
As if the world has just fallen on my disfigured body
As if the concrete angels have spoken
I realized,
I am simply stuck to the coldness of your touch
I am unable to see past your pathetic cry
Your cry has lead me to drown in the river of misery
You have drained my ability to surpass the emblematic nature of my condition
You have deliberately chosen the wrong path for me
You have decided to puncture the knife through my already broken heart
I am apprehensive of my capability
Concern isn’t your plan
Pretending is your game
Insanity is your first name
How am I to understand the agony of self-deception?
How am I to follow my forbidden dreams?
I am torn between your desire and my shattered dreams.
Distance is my definition of security
If I can paint the world, I would allow my heart to portray your imperfection
I would realized,
I have chosen an imperfectly perfect guy
I would pick myself up and dust off the pain
If only I could,
I would allow myself to fight the battle
If only I could,
I would conquer the field of my undying love
If only I could,
I would completely erase the past from my memory
If only I could,
I would look the opposite direction
And pretend like I play the role of the shy girl
But I am only a human
And my limitations are part of the struggle that conquer and dived
I am not limitless
I am an ordinary girl,
and that notion is perfectly acceptable

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