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Decatur – Budget Break Down

By Adam Waldorf, Randy Schafer, William Pauldo, Joji Castillo and Victoria Healy – Collegian Staff

Biggest Winners
Health Wellness Recreation (+ $5004)
Community Service (+ $4065)
Publicity (+ $3400)

Biggest Losers
SGA Admin (- $17,301.66)
GE (- $14000)
Student Life Programs (- $5760)

Funds allocated to SGA and JAG related groups
Total Amount of Funds Made Available for the Decatur Campus to Allocate: $139,823.34
Total Amount of Funds Allocated to SGA/JAG Related Budgets: $105,773.34

Top Five Non-SGA/JAG related Budgets
1. Health, Wellness, and Recreation: $22,211
2. Civic & Political Awareness: $6,845
3. Gospel Choir: $2,400
4. TRIO: $2,225
5. Honors Club: $2,180

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