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Where is HOPE now?

By Randy Schafer, Associate editor

GPC students relying on the HOPE scholarship as a primary form of financial aid are now forced to search for additional financial stability. The state Senate has now passed House Bill 326 that has revised the scholarship’s resources.
According to Financial Aid Director Robin Winston, GPC has 2,223 students receiving the HOPE scholarship this spring semester.
“Students should complete their FAFSA applications by the April 1 priority deadline for the fall semester,” said Winston.
Winston also added that starting this summer semester, HOPE recipients who have also received the federal Pell Grant will receive their full tuition coverage, $107 fee allowance, and 100 percent of their book allowance. Students receiving HOPE without the Pell Grant will be awarded the same tuition and fee allowances, but will only get $75 of their book allowance.

Changes in the Pell Grant amount are subject to a possible cut from the maximum $5,500 to $4,500 for the 2011-2012 year, starting in the fall. According to pellgranteligibility.net, the changes could also pertain to the eligibility requirements of the grant, based on family income. Deliberation on the Pell Grant is currently taking place in Congress.
Starting fall 2011, all HOPE scholarship recipients will be awarded 90 percent of their tuition costs, and will not receive any fee or book allowances. The amount of tuition coverage is subject to a possible decrease each semester, based off the revenue of the Lottery for Education account.

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