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Your spring 2011 fashion checklist

By Mamé F Damey – Contributor

Finally my favorite style season is here! Spring fashion is exciting because it’s all about taking chances and experimenting with colors. Spring is the best time to channel self-expression through fashion pieces.

Here are a couple of forecast trends and fashion rules to live by this season :

>> Don’t second guess yourself. If you feel the look, then rock it effortlessly.

>> If you’re ready to embrace Spring’s denim trend, why not take the look a step further and stand out from the denim jeans by incorporating some colored denim into your wardrobe. It may be just what you need to inject some personality into Spring’s casual silhouettes. Style your brightly-hued jeans with a simple white blouse or break all the rules and go insane by pairing, maybe, berry pants with a fuchsia top.

>> Denim jackets and vest. You can never go wrong with this 80’s flashback trend. They add a modern yet retro appeal to a simple outfit. They can be worn with just about anything: jeans, dress, skirts etc. It’s also cool to throw a couple of buttons on the front of them.

>> Mix and match prints. It makes an outfit exciting. You don’t want to be boring with the same patterns everywhere. Try something new like pairing a striped top with polka-dot bottoms. I know it may sound silly, but you could surprise yourself because once you don’t match you never go back.

>>The same rule for prints also applies to solid colors. You don’t have to match everything. Spring time is all about bright, bold colors so pair them all together.

>>Accessorize. Accessories can make or break an outfit. Shades are a must have. They are the best accessory to pair with your wardrobe. Whether you do aviators, big frame or small, shades are very fashion forward and can transform your image for the day.

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