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Donald Trump’s relationship with “the blacks”

By Kyndell Mizell – Opinions Editor

On April 14, Donald Trump may have lost his African-American voters during his live interview on Talk 1300 AM Albany, New York, while speaking more about his possibilities on advancing towards the path of becoming New York’s newest Republican presidential candidate.
“I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.” Trump said, while claiming that the only reason Obama won over Hilary Clinton was because he is black and has black supporters. Apparently Trump has forgotten about the previous six African-Americans that have tried but fell short of the goal of becoming our Commander-in-Chief. Trump believes that he will not get the amount of deserved votes from “the blacks” if he does decide to run for president in 2012.
According to a recent Gallup Poll, more than eight out of 10 African-Americans nationally support Obama. The Quinnipiac Poll also shows that Obama is getting major support from the African-Americans in New York ranging up to 95%.
“Those numbers are frightening,” replied Trump after hearing about the polls.During the interview, Trump routinely threw more and more slander at President Obama, stating that he thinks Obama has done such a bad job and if he was selected to run against Obama that he would more than likely win.
America, do we need a president that refers to African-Americans as “the blacks?” Hell, he might as well have said he was cool with the coloreds. Either way he is dehumanizing the African-American people, who fought to be more than just three-fifths of a person. I respect Donald Trump and all of his hard earned money that he has made for himself and his family. But I do not respect his comments questioning President Obama’s nationality or the authenticity of his birth certificate.
Trump should ask himself this: If Barack Obama’s birth certificate just happened to be a fake, who would you be more mad at? Obama for fooling everyone with his flawless fraudulent document? Or the American government for not doing a deep enough background check and putting America at risk?
Think about it Trump, America isn’t that stupid

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