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How to get through an interview

By Walter Crawford – Contributor

There is the fear of death, the fear of public speaking, and the fear of interviewing. For a college student who has not had much interview experience, the thought of being asked a series of questions
pertaining to their past performance, future goals and situational decision-making can be intimidating. As intimidating as they seem, all employers really want is to identify a candidate with demonstrable
capacity to produce results so they can get back to their busy schedule.
So, to help you on your next interview for an internship, job, or any other position use the following steps for acing your interview!

1. Know your strengths
Prior to the interview, you should identify three personal strengths you possess. The strengths should be relevant to the position you are interviewing for. For instance, if you are interviewing for a
sales position, “negotiating” may be a strength to highlight.
2. Tell a memorable story
It’s not enough to tell the interviewer about your strengths, you must back it up with an example of utilizing that strength in action. If you list your attention to detail as a strength, just saying that proves nothing, but telling a story will convince your interviewer of that strength.
3. Emphasize your ability to
work well with people The bottom line is, in nearly every position you will have to posses the ability to work well with people. Whether you are working with a customer or a team, you will have to work well with people. Employers want to know if you will fit into the work environment in their organization.
4. Understand the organization/position
It is important to demonstrate a knowledge of that particular organization. Understand their history, industry, culture and recent problems. Knowing general information about the organization and being able to speak on it will make you sound like a stronger candidate.
5. Be confident. Be calm. Be enthusiastic.
If you want your interviewer to be confident in you, you must first be confident in yourself. Your responses should not sound scripted. Keep your responses as conversational. Finally, be excited about the position.
6. Begin and end gracefully
Begin and end the interview with, in a short statement, thanking the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you and reiterating your interest in the position and working for that company

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