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Low voter turnout for SGA

By Adam Waldorf – Associate Editor

Campus SGA elections to fill staff for the next school year were to have taken place on April 7, however, only three campuses ended up holding elections.
Each campus had problems attracting candidates. Alpharetta and Decatur campuses did not hold elections due to student apathy. Newton campus did hold an election despite only having four candidates, none of whom ran opposed. Clarkston and Dunwoody were able to fully staff their SGA, but on both campuses the candidates for president, vice president, treasurer and secretary ran unopposed.
Decatur President Amber Williams, just appointed to a second term, lamented that “student apathy is something that all student organizations deal with on a consistent basis.”
Student Life Director Angela Avery-Jones said she wasn’t sure why the SGA had such a hard time finding candidates for office. She noted that last year they had four candidates for president and this year they only had one.
“In my four years here I’ve seen the ebb and flow,” said Avery-Jones. “Sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s low.”
Student Life sent out an e-mail informing students about the opportunity to become an SGA officer. Asked why so few students ended up applying, incoming Newton Vice President Daniel Fort said, “the main thing is a lot of students don’t look at their GPC e-mail.”
Avery-Jones said that there were several ways that Student Life promoted the application process, including advertising outside the Student Life office and placing ads on GPC’s TV channel.
“I put out the call to all my SGA … to recruit,” said Avery-Jones. “It’s a tough job. Who better to recruit than the people who are in it?”
Decatur Student Life Director Johnny Tooson emphasized that filling the positions was an ongoing process and that he hoped to have a full staff to start the fall semester.
“We’ve always had more success with the interview process as opposed to the election,” said Tooson. “I’ve been here three years and we’ve never had a full house in terms of [a contest] for each position.”

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