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SGA Grants Funds for Gym Upgrades

By Ricky Riley – Managing Editor

Clarkston Health, Wellness and Recreation have $35,690 to upgrade old equipment. “Sometimes I would have to spend up to $1,000 out of our budget on treadmill maintenance [alone],” said Coordinator of Health, Wellness and Recreation Robert Edwards. “We only have a boom box for entertainment [while people work out].”
SGA granted Health, Wellness, and Recreation $2,600 dollars for new Cybex treadmills with personal ear phone jacks and $971 for a new ping-pong table and rackets.
Additionally, they will purchase new dumbbells and a stepping machine. Sen. Derek Hampton also had a fund request of $1,000 for two punching bags and two pairs of gloves to be used by both men and women, as well as $4,800 for gym floor polishing. Clarkston SGA approved these fund requests 5-0.

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