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Sometimes We Give Up

By Amelia Abdullah

Sometimes we give up
Always worry and never keep our chin up
Pessimistic in their thoughts and forever living in fear
Scared to dream, anxious about what might appear
Imaginations run wild and free
People run to be wild and free
What happens when you land in a dream?
Will you smile or will you scream?
Would you regret the past?
Or would you wish the future moved fast?
Reality kicks in and the world stops
Minds spinning trying to analyze…will you pop?
Burst into flames and let fear and anger take over?
Be stubborn and refuse to understand reason or calmly think things over?
Would you pray for relief or peace?
Ask for help or beg to be released?
What is holding you back?
Is it you or something that you lack?
If you had the world, what would make you hesitate?
Do you think without you the Heaven and Hell are at stake?
Questions randomly sprint and attack your mind
Every action you ever have taken whether rough or kind
Mingles and refuses to let go
Time passes but how would you know?
Stuck in a zone of lifeless nothings
No reaction or simple gestures of somethings
Love and hate have left to find their home
As you sit and remain alone
Critically think about your actions
For they cause you to cut off of interactions
Life is short and full of life
Live till the ends make you soar like a kite
Be free and do what is necessary to be yourself
Don’t judge or refuse to experience yourself
The world is a huge playground
Live it up. Smile and never frown
No tears or reason to doubt
Be you. Otherwise, don’t come out.

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