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Google Plus to the rescue

By Kyndell Mizell –  Staff Writer

Tired of your 140 character limitation from Twitter? Sick of receiving spam emails from random Facebook folks? Fed up with your favorite social networking site being watched by some stranger? If so, Google has come to the rescue with its new super social site, Google Plus.
By using the “circle” system, Google Plus allows users to pick and choose who sees their posts. Many students censor their Facebook profiles because of potential employers or because their parents decided to be “hip” and get a page of their own. I’m pretty sure you didn’t press the like button when you realized your parent commented on your status.
Users have the option to “hangout” without leaving the privacy of their homes through a video chatting service that is basically the offspring of Skype and Oovoo, allowing up to ten people to chat at once. And the video windows rearrange themselves based on who is talking at the time.
For those who don’t normally Facebook, Tumbl, or Tweet and actually use the Internet for searching, I bet you use Google as your search engine. This new service gives you the opportunity to create your own personalized news feed called “sparks.” Anything that you find that you want to share is as easy as one click.
And for the people who have smartphones, there is now a Google Plus application. This allows circles to “huddle,” through a group messaging service that lets users talk to their entire circle at once using only their handheld devices.
After just two weeks, Google Plus had over 10 million users sign up. It is now reaching 18 million users without being advertised by any of the already successful Google features. As perfect and amazing as it sounds, Google Plus is still in the early stages of development and currently remains invite only.
Google has deleted many businesses and celebrities from Google Plus as they will soon have their own special super site for their own excitement and communication. It has also been leaked that games will also be included on Google Plus in the near future.
Google Plus brings a new age social media that is here to rescue us from the boring plethora of networking sites. By adding this new and easy to use social media service to its massive arsenal, Google will soon be the only thing worth using while surfing the web.

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