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Press’d: Street Violence

The Collegian is pleased to present Street Violence, a great band from Atlanta. They were passing through the neighborhood and decided to play a concert in our newsroom. They threatened us with a brick and made us film their performance, these were the results.





song 1: Shark/Punk:


song 2: Science


song 3: Outside


song 4: Zone 6


Song 5: Psychedelic Drive-By


Song 6: Pussy Maggot


audio by Sumner Jones

cameras by Adam and Nick Waldorf*

edited by Zoom Dan and Adam Waldorf

produced and directed by Adam Waldorf

Street Violence is:

Suzanne Baker – vocals

Trevor Vick – guitar

Cole Grant – bass

Will Raines – organ


The Great Shawn Dillard – drums

Check out their EP, Straight Chillin’, at Bandcamp:


and their Facebook page:



*AKA The Innumerable Nick Waldorf

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