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Alpharetta Involvement Expo Welcomes Students Back to the Campus

By Julian Traas – Collegian Staff

On Wednesday, Aug. 31, Alpharetta Center was host to a blend of flavors, academic and extracurricular. The Student Government Association sponsored several tables on the first floor lobby of Building A. The event marked one of the first student activity fee funded events on campus this semester.
Entitled the “Alpharetta Involvement Expo”, the event was part of Welcome Week. The tables were occupied by representatives from the STAR Leaders, the Study Abroad Program, the Juntos Club, Advising and Counseling, and the Collegian. SGA had its own display as well, but its members were not in attendance as their recruitment season is in full swing.
There’s a particular pace at Alpharetta. For stretches of time, the lobby was graveyard still. When classroom doors burst open, a wave of relieved students flooded forth, seemingly eager to be on their way home. Though most were on a collision course with the closest door leading to open air, there were still many who stopped at the various tables. Taking a gander as they ambled, they were presented with opportunities left and right. The Study Abroad program is offering a sojourn in Japan. The Juntos Club, attracting more attention, handed out free candy.
Overall, as with everything at Alpharetta, the mood was calm. The quiet was punctuated with two or three rushes, at approximately one hour intervals. The Expo was a cluster of opportunities for new and not-so-new students.

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