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Math Club Gets a Win, Struggles to Multiply Members

By Breanna Wimby – Collegian Staff

The Decatur Math Club won first place in 2010 at the Gainesville College Math Tournament, yet, despite this, their presence on campus is a small one.
“The club isn’t just for those who like math. It’s both an academic and a social organization,” Amos Darrisaw, the advisor of the Decatur Math Club, said.
During its bi-weekly meetings, the Decatur Math Club has tutoring sessions to help students, training sessions for both the TI83 and TI84 graphing calculators and, in a previous semester, has given a presentation about Finance and money Management and a Math Anxiety Presentation. Along with that, the club practices for the AMATYC, a math competition held during the fall and spring semesters for all two-year colleges and another competition held in Gainesville for all southeastern two-year colleges. To prepare for the competitions the club practices standardized math problems.
The club has had anywhere from two members to 20. “You have to keep [the club] visible to keep it going,” Darrisaw said. “It’s rewarding seeing the students helping each other [and] amazing seeing how strong the students are [in competition].”
The Decatur Math Club has not had its first meeting, it is planned for Sept. 16 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm.

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