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What to do: Clarkston Surf Fest 2011

by Bria Philpot, Collegian contributor

On Saturday,  Sept. 24, Clarkston will celebrate surf music when Clarkston Surf Fest 2011 is staged.  An all day, outdoor event, the Fest will begin at noon and take place at the Clarkston Community Center field located at 3701 College Avenue. Admission is free, but proceeds from beverage sales go straight back to the Clarkston Community Center

What is surf music? Surf music is good music that can sometimes be fast and hard yet relaxing and expressive, according to Mike Morgan, bassist for the local surf and thrash-melding band eL fOSSIL, who will be opening Surf Fest this year.

Surf music is also a fusing of traditional rock, country and blues with Mexican and Middle Eastern influence. It rose to popularity in the early 60’s and is often identified with coastal California.

eL fOSSIL’s, Mike Morgan, said he first heard surf music at age 13 when he listened to the Trashmen. He’s loved it ever since.

For more info visit  http://www.clarkstonsurffest.com/index.php

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