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From the editor’s desk

Smoking is a big deal at GPC. For years there has been confusion on each campus as to what the smoking policy is and what it should be. Should we be smoke-free? Should we have designated areas on campus where students and faculty can smoke? Or should we just let smokers do as they please? Every campus has a different answer to this question.

In addition to cigarette smoke, weed culture has an effect on GPC. Who among us hasn’t gone to class and smelled the distinct scent of the ganja emanating from a fellow classmate? Clarkston campus has a Starship Enterprises located conveniently next to it, a one-stop shop for all your weed paraphernalia needs. While other campuses don’t have such an outward display of the marijuana ethos buttressing the locations, one needn’t look far to find it, whether it’s a student with a replica of a marijuana leaf on their shirt or hanging around their neck or a conversation about the illicit drug.

We at the Collegian do not endorse or condemn cigarette or marijuana smoking, but instead seek to document its role in the life of GPC. We hope you find our coverage illuminating and thought-provoking.


– Adam Waldorf, editor-in-chief

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