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Fun in the sun

By Bria Philpot – Collegian Staff

If your Saturday was boring, it was probably because you missed the Annual Clarkston Surf Music Festival. It would’ve been a nice, relaxing afternoon listening to some of the best bands surf music has to offer. With a kind of retro, surf ’s-up type vibe, the surf fest was definitely the event of the weekend. Families of all kinds, pets too, were invited to enjoy a free outdoor concert. All the proceeds made, from food and drinks, were given back to the Clarkston Community Center.

Held on the field behind the community center, The Surf Fest was overflowing with what seemed to be 200+ people. From a sober point of view, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves without a care in the world. Along with great music were plenty of activities like a hula contest and raffle to name a few. The activities took place between band performances to keep the crowd involved and attentive. I can honestly say it worked. The prizes that were given out were small ones but the winner of the raffle got to take home a beautiful light blue guitar.

Not only were the families surrounded with fresh air and sun music, but the smell of fresh food off the grill was an addition to the soothing atmosphere. The menu consisted of hotdogs, hamburgers, drinks, etc. At the time I wasn’t hungry, but the cook was definitely doing his thing. The crowd was very diverse with a mixture of many races and ages. Small children played games like Frisbee while the adults stood in front of the stage watching the live show.
Members of the audience were enjoying themselves and I was able to get their opinions on how the festival was going. A couple, Rita and Steve, said, “We’re from California so we know real surf music and wanted to see what the festival was all about.” The couple definitely seemed to enjoy themselves. “The concert is pretty good”, said Tattoo Chris from ATL Smokes, “We’re out here making  money and enjoying ourselves.” Even after the festivities were over, the bands that performed played a friendly game of soccer. Overall, the festival was a success. It was the first surf music concert I’ve ever attended and I hope I’ll be able to make it next year. If you haven’t been to the Clarkston Surf Music Festival or even heard surf music, you’re definitely missing out on a great experience.

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