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Future Plans for SGA President

By Erin Cotter – Collegian Staff

Zachary Richmond let out a sigh of relief as he sank into the cushy blue office chair. It seemed like the first time he’d sat down all day. Seated at the large oval table in the SGA office, wearing an oversized yellow Georgia Tech sweat shirt, Richmond began speaking about his first week serving as Dunwoody’s new SGA president. “It’s been hectic! I think yesterday I was actually running between meetings,” Richmond said.

Although he’s had a very busy week, he was still excited and expressed his hopes for the future of Dunwoody SGA “They seem very capable of doing great things!”Richmond is a huge Georgia Tech football fan. He went to every home game until he was 16 years old. He is now focusing not only on the high expectations he has for his favorite football team, but for his new team at GPC as well.

He plans to gather the new and old members together on a united front to accomplish his big To-Do list for this fall. He has added two new meetings for SGA officers to attend on Tuesday and Wednesday, in order to get everyone on board and everything done,“basically I want to sit down and talk to them. And if they can’t come to the Tuesday one, then they can come to the one on Wednesday. If they can’t make either one, I’ll be sending them e-mails!”

Richmond is also concerned about traffic on Dunwoody campus. In just one week, Richmond has gained a lot of insight into the problems both students and safety officers face. He plans to continue to work on this issue, “I really want to get my team together to try to brainstorm possible solutions to the problems,” Richmond said. Richmond has set himself a big task and he plans on living up to it the best he can.

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