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Newton Student Changes Gear with Healthy Lifestyle

By Kaylyn Hinz – Collegian Staff

Before (left) and after (right) photo of Taylor    Owenby. (Photo courtesy of Taylor Owenby)
Before (left) and after (right) photo of Taylor Owenby. (Photo courtesy of Taylor Owenby)

Taylor Owenby has accomplished more than he ever dreamed.

At age 22, he owns his own Public Relations company, MatchBook media + PR, in addition to being a student here at Newton. “I started Matchbook Media + PR after coming back from Nashville. During my work on the Peachtree Village Inter-national Film Festival, I was fortunate enough to meet a legend in the acting realm… Bill Cobbs.

We struck up a friendship and that is when he asked me to go to Tennessee with him to do work for his new film. After getting that job I realized, ‘Hey, maybe I can go out on my own.’ So, I started my own business,” Owen by said.

“We design and implement a custom marketing plan for each client,” Owenby said. “Since we have clients in the music, film, fashion, and corporate arenas we must look at each project differently.

However, we have a full list of services we offer including commercial production, print ads, media placement, social media, press releases, photography, graphic design, copywriting, events … the list goes on and on. What really sets us apart, however, is our emphasis on getting all of our clients involved in non-profit programs.” Along with Owenby’s success in the business section, he has also strived to keep up a healthy life-style. He runs, jogs, or hikes at least 15 miles a week to keep in shape. “I
knew that if I were to be taken seriously in this industry, I would have to look healthy. Also, I really fell in love with hiking. The feeling of exploration and adventure I get while on a trail is really exciting and fun for me,” Owenby said.

Take a Hike Newton is a non-profit organization that Match-book PR is affiliated with. It is for people in the community to start living a more healthy life but also to enjoy the fun that hiking has to offer.

“By utilizing all the resources our citizens have available to them, they too can see HUGE results in both themselves and their communities,” Owenby said. “In addition to providing a resource for people to learn about hiking, we also want to bring awareness to organizations such as Newton Trails, Yellow River Conservation and Preservation, Hands On Newton and Rails to Trails.

Rails to Trails is an especially interesting organization because they are trying to convert old and abandoned railways into multi-use trails. I really believe in their movement and I think more people should try and learn more about them. Imagine having these useless and abandoned railways transformed into a beautiful place for families to go and enjoy our lovely county. Not only would this increase the land values in surrounding areas, but actually stimulate our local economy through tourism.

In closing, I would encourage everyone in Newton County to Take A Hike and get well.

Anyone interested in joining our group feel free to e-mail me: gtowinb@gmail.com.”

The most recent Take a Hike Newton event was held on September 30 at Elliot Walker Park  with over 30 to 40 people participated.  More Take a Hike Newton events will take place within the  semester.

Owenby also sponsored an event on September 24 called “Fashion for the Cure.” This event was to raise money for Breast cancer along with Ovarian cancer. The White Black House Market also sponsored the show but loaning outfits for all eleven models to wear on the runway.”I feel like the show went well. The ladies looked stunning.

I think with a little more planning and better marketing, next year’s event can be even greater. I think relocating the venue to Atlanta would also be a good move.”

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