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Domestic Violence

By: Johanna Zimmerman


After a student was murdered by her boyfriend near the GPC Newton campus last year Lieutenant Kimberly Ware decided to hold domestic violence seminars at all of GPC’s campuses to get people to start talking about the issue.

“That really bothered me.” Lieutenant Ware said of the killing. She says that the murder was what really made her want to take action and make sure that the Public Safety department was doing something about domestic violence at the GPC campuses.

“The whole incident was on film, the  whole time she just stood there and watched her boyfriend load the gun and then he killed her because she did not know what to do,” Head of the Office of Public Safety, Chief Nicholas Marinelli, said.

Lieutenant Ware and Chief Marinelli say that the purpose of talking about domestic violence at these seminars is so that victims, as well as anyone who may know a victim of domestic violence, will know how to handle the situation.

The seminars discussed some common concerns people have toward domestic violence. Most people want to know why victims do not leave the situation “When we are asking why does the victim not leave? We are not asking the right question. Instead we should be asking what can I do to help the situation,” Lieutenant Ware said.

“We are also hoping that once a victim is helped that they will be able to help someone else and pay it forward.” Marinelli said.

The GPC Clarkston campus had almost twice the amount of people show up for the seminar this year as last year. Most people who attended the event were women, but some men did attend as well.

“We have been asked where are the resources for men? And naturally there are less,” Ware said. “Most victims of domestic violence are women, but we do have some men on

the panel.”

“It’s important for men to talk to other men about it,” Marinelli said. He stresses that even if you are the one hurting someone else there will always be someone to talk to about it.

“I believe that it is the responsibility of Public Safety if we say we are here to protect and serve to do just that,” Ware said.


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