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Overpriced or just right?

by: David Schick


It’s no secret that students think Campus Café is overpriced.

Recently the Clarkston Student Government Association voiced concerns and had a discussion with GPC’s associate director of auxiliary services Barbara Brooks and Campus Café’s director of operations Rahul Patel.

“Is there anything in the contract that keeps students from boycotting Campus Café?” Senator Derek Hampton asked.

“Boycotting Campus Café will just hurt the school because we pay the school,” Patel said “I can’t do anything about the prices, they’re already approved.”

Still members of the SGA continued to push for lower prices, “Do you go grocery shopping?” asked Brooks. “The only way they could decrease prices is if the serving size decreased also.”

In comparison to other schools, Georgia State and Emory both offer an “all-you-care-to-eat” dining facility with costs that range from $7 for breakfast, $10 for lunch/brunch and $11-14 for dinner. They also offer a meal plan at a discounted rate for currently enrolled students and Georgia State actually has individual items for sale, including a flat bread sandwich for under $3.

Patel has offered to go around to other school cafeterias with the SGA to get a better perspective on pricing and to come to a mutual resolution.


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